Education/ Painting/ Storytelling


Tam is an artist, educator and avid traveler. She aims to bring together education development and growth through the arts by designing learning opportunities for students to engage in art and discover the intersections it makes in their life.

Through  out the residency she will be developing projects with local artists and students which can build growth and change and beyond the school walls. She will be involving the art of storytelling though a series of workshops with various age groups here in Chiang Mai to explore how our stories shape us and impact the world around us.

She wants to provide an avenue for reflection of our interaction with others and our environments to move beyond the familiar personal space to social spaces where community engagement and experiences can take place and be shared.


Salome held many workshops and art classes during her stay. She also invite art students to participate in cyanotype print workshop by using objects in their environment.


She gave an artist talk for non-art students who signed for Man and Art class in Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University. Salome shared her own experience and stories in this class then asked them to participate buy drawing and writing their most remembrance memory on post-it which she can, further, use those stories in her work.

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Further more, she held a workshop with local kids with a contemporary and open mind method drawing using their own figures as a model.

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