Sabine Wong

Sabine Wong


Sabine Wong is an anthropologist and visual artist. Her work involves building bridges between nature and culture, East and West, science and art, finding common denominators and explaining complex matter into simplicity. As an anthropologist human behavior is her area of expertise and as an innovator she is always looking for the next best thing to implement as a species through practical and local solutions. Through visual art she enjoys exploring the vast liminality of our possibilities as humans.


A subject she explored on the residency was femininity and the female body. Seen as being shrouded in myth and mystery.

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Through workshops with groups of women and other research she explored questions such as these: What does it mean to you to have a female body? Do you identify with femininity? Even though you may have a female body, do you feel like being one? Or do you experience yourself as something that doesn’t confirm to male or female? How does your society view women? Do you feel free to be yourself, regardless, and how and why do you find the space to do so?
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