January 2014


Jacobs paints and creates easily recognizable subjects to explore how different cultures interpret the same information. Using signifiers within imagery, he encourages the viewer to create their own narrative. A single signifier may have a completely different meaning to diverse individuals, especially if cultural experiences, uses, or traditions for the specific indicator vary. However, in today’s globalized and interconnected world, these meanings tend to converge. His art embraces those convergences and focuses on the dissimilar conclusions of the viewer.

For the residency he would like to further explore culture by collaborating with international artists and exploring all that Thai culture has to offer. A large part of his process is investigation through exploration. This will involve exploring Chiang Mai’s zoo’s, comedy, engaging in sports, and eating the food. From these experiences his art will be created, he hopes to understand what we have in common and what makes us unique while reflecting that perception onto the viewer.



Morrow’s paintings consider preconceptions of abstraction, using the properties that paint holds to demonstrate my yearning to visualise emotion in an abstract and intuitive manner. Concentrating on exploring the limitations of paint, inks and dyes has made her produce interesting paintings. Properties of each individual medium and the manner that they can be manipulated, stretched and handled has been her starting point for all experimentation.

Touching, connecting and responding to the paint is pivotal to her practice. She retains knowledge on specific paints and their capabilities to be able to disrupt them to breaking point. Concentrating on delicacies within change, fluidity, viscosity and gloss she can concentrate on the abstraction that paint creates within its own boundaries.



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