November 2013

Laura Robertson is a multimedia artist who focuses on creating kinaesthetic and emotional responses to subjects and experiences. Her personal experiences reflect this ‘Without a good memory or logical favoured way of thinking I have learnt to guide myself through life’s situations using a more intuitive form of rationalising.’

Immersing herself in Chiang Mai’s culture and art scene Laura’s work and ideas have been evolving over the residency and influenced by her experiences during her stay.

A chosen subject has been identity recognition. Laura has difficulty identifying faces as well as remembering names. This can make even her most frequent social situations become alien.

She is presently working on an interactive performance piece that explores this condition whilst living in a foreign land where not only the faces are new.

She is also devising work that looks at female strength and assertion, searching for symbols of affirmation for sexuality, desire and strength in different cultures.



     531973_637890796254140_1539084581_n   558845_637890692920817_874886887_n 935588_637891372920749_1980511857_n   995238_637892772920609_1756224233_n 996689_637892939587259_1303086998_n  1003566_637891739587379_1794120034_n 1230026_637891666254053_1414582908_n 1451482_636547536388466_1444568112_n 1455994_637891972920689_985638401_n   1468634_637892452920641_839674140_n 1468742_637891566254063_1607158642_n   1469835_637890189587534_745527830_n 1470161_637893029587250_1877994267_n  1472999_637891469587406_1090730088_n 1499521_637891786254041_2144595302_n 1475947_637892139587339_2054373533_n 1473012_637890202920866_364375737_n 1472999_637891469587406_1090730088_n



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