Julie McCalden is an artist based at Spike Island in Bristol, UK. Manifesting in a variety of forms, from performative actions to sculptural installations, all McCalden’s works share a subtle political undertone. Scale (large, miniature and life-size) is frequently used as a device to puncture a works context and challenge viewer expectations.

McCalden’s art practice responds to location, sense of place and culture. During the residency she will look at the differences and universalities that exist between cultures  and the position of being an outsider. Dichotomies between east and west, them and us, and other cultural clichés as well as the challenge of the language barrier would be brought to the fore.

She would like to focus on building positive relationships through hosting community events, such as, a shared meal of British dishes with local artists, the arts audience and other interested parties in order to introduce herself and begin the process. Subsequent weekly conversations could develop the work and its curation.

These sessions would be an opportunity for shared learning and exchange across diverse cultural experiences. The conversations and decisions made would effectively direct the work, which would be developed further each week through research, sharing and process.


2.-Untitled-2013.-Wooden-dining-table-table-cloth-hand-painted-Presier-model-camera-man.-McCalden   1.-Uncertain-Gift-2012.-The-Financial-Times.-McCalden 3.-The-Desire-to-Create_-Jealousy-2010.-Found-cardboard-fruit-and-vegetable-boxes.-McCalden1

Though the residency at Rumpueng Art Space, McCalden had explored the different way of living and absorb how the culture affect the way we think and behave. She arranged an event called Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and Artist Talk where she present her works and they way her culture affect her thought and Girl Gang concept.

10565017_263119957229819_5124615269813515776_n 10577068_263119560563192_4602252156825546160_n 10583836_263120100563138_7246872662607541903_n 1970545_263119817229833_7659333929600625045_n 10624718_263120233896458_466054143557648892_n 10454569_263120213896460_1238797996618793510_n 10419975_760538850656000_6115831109758506416_n 10606051_263120367229778_2912176383194877777_n 10610692_263119863896495_4802239711911874478_n 10613028_760538777322674_19284429805476795_n

McCalden also created some experimental sculptures which inspired by local lifestyle.

10606171_766654100044475_8436955740764404784_n 10494653_766654036711148_1061179860335017288_n

McCalden had encouraged local artists to join the Girl Gang project and eventually Girl Gang Chiang Mai did 2 performances at Chaiyaporn Sodabunlu Sport Center  and Maya Shopping mall.



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