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Emily Berry


Emily Berry is a Certified Movement Analyst. Emily Berry is the Artistic Director of B3W Performance Group, which has performed in the US, England, Greece, and Mexico. She also has a MFA in dance from George Mason University. Her Bachelor of Dance Arts was earned from the University of Michigan along with a Bachelor of General Studies in Women’s Studies and Political Science. She has taught at Oakland University, George Mason University, Coppin State University, Montgomery College, and the Community College of Baltimore County. She has also taught master classes for ACDFA, Goucher College, the College of William and Mary, the University of Michigan, and numerous dance intensives. She is currently an assistant professor of dance and the director of the dance program at Queensborough Community College.

B3W is a social impact multi-disciplinary arts organization with a commitment to collaboration and community. B3W reflects and reveals the world we live in with deep honesty and emotional availability. B3W is bold and powerful dance theater. Berry digs beneath the surface, unraveling our perceptions of ourselves and the world in which we live.

Thoughout the residency in Chinag Mai she pursued her latest ongoing work, Forgiveness, where both audience and performers are asked to consider the hows and whys of forgiveness with the intent of seeking lasting transformation. She created Forgiveness Workshops, which are storytelling workshops. They provide an opportunity for community members to share their stories with each other. We all have stories, histories, and experiences that are valuable resources for the communities we live in and engage with.

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These workshops, now delivered all over the world, will be the inspiration for B3W in creating a new performance piece, though it will not be a re-telling of the stories collected. Many of the stories from workshops across the globe will be blended together to draw connections with the focus on meaning rather than literal stories.

She also developed a series of sight specific performances and movements within the landscapes of Chiang Mai. Both solo and working with groups of local dancers.

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