Rumpueng Art Space provides the community with an active art exhibition and project space, classes and workshops. Rumpeung is a treasured place for local students and artists made so by owner Prof.Supachai Sartsara, a long standing member of the art community, renowned artist and Professor at Chiang Mai University. Rumpueng supports artists’ career development by providing opportunities to create play grounds for exploration, collaboration, different ways of representing art and communicating with one another.




Professor Supachai Sartsara, the owner of this place.

Rumpueng aims to present the best quality art, events and performances from both Thai and International artists to raise the profile of contemporary arts in Thailand. Rumpueng is a creative hub in Chiang Mai where local and international artists can work together to produce new work, exhibitions, provide public events and workshops. The production of new ideas, ground breaking exhibitions and developing understanding between cultures is our mission.

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182460_110355639042683_4260735_n DSCF0134 DSCF0140

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